Refraktal NFT exclusively available on Ergo Auctions v1!

Refraktal has decided to release an exclusive audio NFT titled "Volatility" which will only ever be available on Ergo Auction house.  As of yesterday, the auction house has upgraded to version 2 so you will have to navigate to the version 1 section under audio NFTs to find the song (link down below).  From here, you can listen & bid on the song with Ergo cryptocurrency.  The auction will be live for another 2 weeks following the date of this post.  After that, depending on who ends up winning the auction, you may never hear the song again so we highly advise our fans to at least go check it out & give it a listen.  

We will be releasing more songs in this fashion soon on ergoauctions v2 which will allow for more currencies to be used, plus a whole bunch of other features.  Please don't miss this opportunity to participate in this new technology of releasing music which helps the artist directly without middle man fees, with Refraktal at the forefront of this evolution.

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